Sunday, February 5, 2012

What I Love about being 100 Pounds Free-er

Let me count the ways:


2. LOVING what I see in the mirror

3. Trying new things and not having to worry about my weight being an issue

4. My brother being proud to post a picture of himself and me as his profile picture.

5. Not using one of my kids as a profile picture/ Feeling confident in my own skin.

6. Not having to look up and off to the side to get rid of that neck fat

7. Stairs no longer bother me.  I dont feel winded in my own home!

8. Im no longer afraid of stepping on the scale

9. Less medication/ No depression medication!

10. Less likely to have as many health problems in the future.

11.  Being able to shop at trendy stores.

12. Being able to wear heels with no knee or back pain

13. Being able to swing

14. Being able to run around and play with my kids

15. Being able to climb on furniture without fear of it collapsing underneath me

16. Being less clumsy

17. Running

18. Being able to fit into a school desk

19. Not having to purchase two plane tickets

20. Being able to fit into tiny cars without question

21. Having inspiring before and after pictures

There is so much more, but I've got to go and play with my kids!


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  1. I can't wait to post my own list! You are an ispiration:) Thanks!

  2. All are AWESOME reasons, I love this post! Can't wait to post something like this of my own...someday.

  3. I love your post- this is amazing! So glad to have found your blog! New Follower!
    ~Jen @


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