Wednesday, November 2, 2011

No More Metal!

Today I got all of the staples removed! Yay!  The removal of the staples was uncomfortable, hubby came with me with his ipod touch in hand loaded with Star Wars and we watched the Darth Vadar and Obi-Wan lightsaber fight scene. 

Ill admit that by the time we had gotten to the office I had psyched myself out royally to the point of nausea, this is normal for me.  I have a very vivid imaginations and also think about the little gory details. (I swear if I dont know how to spell nausea after this week, I should just give up!)  I had my can of ginger-ale in hand, I had taken an anti-nausea pill, we had the movie and I had hubby.  But I still felt the pull and tug of  my skin and the one that did kinda hurt was the last belly button one.  

But it's over now, yay!  And I am onto full recovery.  This experience has not been an easy one for me, last night I had the sweats and the two nights before were wrought with fever, from this chest cold.  My doctor says that everything looks to be healing fine, just taking a little longer than most because of the menstrual and the feverish chest cold.

So I am going to attempt to go to class tomorrow.  I really need to get back into the swing of things and my teachers are so good at their jobs I fear I have already missed so much, I feel guilty.  I feel really guilty, but I have also learned that I need to listen to my body and my body told me that I needed that recovery time, so I took it.  I am a hard worker and I care about my grades so I can get back in the fight.  I just need a few more days to get up to fighting strength, right now Ill just float through and absorb as much as I can.

vampire, Jawa, witch, pirate

Halloween night I toughed out the exhaustion and the sick feeling and followed my kids trick or treating.  My husband and mom did most the work, I followed at the back, stayed on the sidewalk and took pictures.  They went to about 10 houses, by then they started complaining about how heavy their bags were which worked for me because I was beat, so we headed home.  They dump and thoroughly evaluated their stashes, did some trades, ate some candy, picked out 7 pieces to save and put the rest out for the Switch Witch.  Great for me cause the candy goes bye bye and isnt hanging around for me to pick at.

The Switch Witch left them small lego sets and mystery mini figs, the boys werent too happy with the mini figs because they both got the 80s boombox workout girl, so did Willow, Guinevere got the fisherman and she wasnt about to trade!

I had about 3-4 small pieces of chocolate and was really ok with that.  I didnt feel the need to binge, and actually the candy wasnt as good I remember it being in the height of a binge.  Hubby chose to read a book and occupied himself and didnt ask for a single piece!  Really, seriously that is progress!  I am so proud of him!  I tossed some little hard fruit bites at him, to try because no one had heard of them before, he shared them with the kids and went back to reading his book. WOW!  This is serious because he is chocoholic.  So applause for him! Awesome!

Hubby got this picture of me, because he said I was cute.  I ended up wearing Willow's too small witch hat because it kept blowing off her head.


Our anniversary is Halloween and while we didnt get to go out and do anything special because of the circumstances, I didnt mind much.  The year has been fairly great to us and I can't complain about the company, so one day doesnt compare to the years we have had and will have.

Plus I got this Gorgeous ring...

I still need to wear that dress though.... hmm will have to figure that out because it will be too big soon and it's still wrapped up in the closet with accessories!

How are you ladies doing?  How did you do with Halloween, are you still dealing with the aftermath?


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